Courtesy of Washington Gas
Courtesy of Washington Gas

Did you know that unmarked homeowner and contractor digs are the leading cause of U.S. gas damage emergencies? Just installing a rosebush or mailbox can cause major issues. Call 811 before every type of excavation work, including digging, boring and directional drilling.

When you call 811, representatives will schedule a visit to your location to mark underground utility lines with colored flags or paint. 

RED: electric power lines, cables, conduits, lighting cables
YELLOW: gas, oil, steam, petroleum, gaseous materials
ORANGE: communication, alarm, signal lines, cables, conduits
BLUE: potable water
GREEN: sewers, drain lines
PURPLE: reclaimed water, irrigation/slurry lines

Once you receive an 811 confirmation email, you can also access the Washington Gas Enhanced Positive Response system. Our online safety tool provides detailed information about your proposed digging site, such as photos and mapping. We are proud to offer this industry-leading technology to help improve your safety as you complete your projects.

If you’re planning an individual project – remember that rosebush? – please use manual hand tools within two feet to each side of marked locations. For larger-scale contractor excavations, please be aware that markings highlight underground utility locations and not specific digging areas. 

Tips for Success

  • Call 811 at least 48 hours before a planned dig.
  • Verify that all underground utilities have been marked before digging.
  • Open a new ticket for every new excavation project.
  • Confirm authorization before removing abandoned lines.

Call 811 Before You Dig.
Every Dig. Every Time.

  • Gardening/landscaping
  • Home improvements
  • Major construction
  • Excavation
  • Demolition
  • All types of general digging

Using mechanized equipment? You are legally required to call Miss Utility (811) before digging.

Treat your project with CARE:

Call before digging.
Allow marking time.
Respect the marks.
Excavate carefully.

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