Debbie Allen (Mingle Media TV/CCPL 2.0)
Art from Debbie Allen’s The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker (Courtesy


LOS ANGELES (—BET has made a list and checked it twice to gift viewers with an all new slate of programming for the holiday season.

Kicking things off Sunday (Dec. 7) is “The Hot Chocolate Nutcracker.” Written and directed by Debbie Allen, the three-time Nutty Award- winning play follows the blueprint of the original “Nutcracker” story as it finds young Kara and her family hosting a grand party on Christmas Eve.

After receiving the gift of a magical Nutcracker filled with hot chocolate, Kara drifts off to a happy sleep and begins her fantastic journey when the Nutcracker comes alive. Places Kara and the Nutcracker explore include a hip hop Candy Cane Lane, mystical Egypt, exotic Bollywood, a dazzling Jazzland and a new South Pole surprise. Their adventure is guided by three wisecracking mice: Harvey, Schmink and Buckey.


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