Harry Alford

By Harry C. Alford
NNPA Columnist

The reputations of Bill and Hillary Clinton have become legendary. It goes back to their days in Arkansas where they took scandal to another level even for that scandalous state. There was Gov. Bill Clinton, who was known for hi extra-marital escapades. But even the Arkansas First Lady Hillary earned a reputation for doing dubious get rich quick money deals. Unsettled allegations such as “Whitewater” and “Cattle Futures” involved huge cash going to Ms. Clinton for strange services that might not have existed. For example, she “invested” $1,000 into the cattle future market and quickly made $100,000 off that investment. She told the investigators she would watch her grandfather play the stock market as a child and learn how to play the game. Yea, right!

They both grew up with common means. They never bought a home until they came out of the White House, both in the 40-plus age group. She got an advance for a book and bought two homes with it (Westchester County, N.Y. and off Embassy Row in D.C.). That would be the beginning of one financial windfall after another for Bill and Hillary. Still their hungry appetite for quick money longed to be satisfied. Hillary even took the White House china with her as they packed and moved out of the White House – no she didn’t return it.

As it turned out, they would come up with one of the biggest hustles in American political history. Bill would kick off the “Clinton Global Initiative.” It would be a “charity” helping those less fortunate around the world. Bill would make the contact to big money or powerful persons and use Hillary, who would now be a Senator from New York, for political leverage. Their next move would be to have Hillary become president of the United States and then start hitting “grand slams” to fill their coffers via the “nonprofit” in exchange for political favors.

However, Barack Obama showed up and deferred that dream. Not to be totally knocked out, the Clintons went to Plan B. They would convince President Obama to select Hillary as Secretary of State. She would watch his back, but in reality she would push the buttons for big donors to fill the pockets via the Clinton Global Initiative. Pretty soon the financial shenanigans of Arkansas would seem very minor league compared to what was in store for the future.

The deals have been coming via Bill to Hillary and thru the Clinton Global Initiative and for speaking honorariums for Bill and, later, Hillary once she left the State Department. According to the Wall Street Journal …“at least 60 companies that had donated more than $26 million to the foundation had also lobbied the State Department during Mrs. Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State.” Some of these companies landed lucrative foreign contracts as a result of Bill’s and Hillary’s advocacy on their behalf. Besides contributions to the foundation, speaking fees for Bill soared to more than $300,000 a speech. Soon it went to $500,000 a speech for Bill and $300,000 for Hillary after she left the State Department.

In all, during the past 12 years the Clintons have amassed more than $126 million and that doesn’t include the foundation. The Clinton Global Initiative now has more than $2 billion in the bank with more coming in and has only invested 10 percent of the revenue into charitable projects. Don’t think they are about to stop. No, now they are getting to go to the next phase as Hillary will once again run for president. They want to be “Rockefeller Rich” and nothing less.

General Electric wanted a $2.5 billion contract with Algeria. Secretary Hillary stepped in and made it happen. Thus, GE donated $1 million to the Foundation. The president of General Electric refuses to discuss how many times he and Hillary discussed the matter and just what was communicated. Hillary convinced Russia to buy $4 billion in Boeing Aircraft. Boeing turns around and donates approximately $5 million to the Clinton Global Initiative. These are just a couple of examples.

Is the above considered bribery? We should certainly investigate to find out. But it gets worse! A Canadian Uranium company takes Bill to Kazakhstan to ask the dictator’s permission to buy their Uranium company. It needed approval from Hillary and the approval came in rapid speed. Principles of the uranium company turned the acquisition into the Uranium One Corporation – a U.S. corporation. They would sell the new company to Russia (that’s right!!) with Hillary’s permission. The owners made billions and started dumping donations into the Clinton Global Initiative via record amounts. The New York Times has documented this and it is starting to hit the “fan.” Imagine, Russia now owns 20% of all the uranium mined in the United States. Plus that, they are getting ready to sell it to Iran for use in making their first nuclear weapons.

Bill and Hillary have sold our national interests to the Russians. Just how big are these deals going to get and take us down and put us at risk for the benefit of the Clintons? It is going to be historical and, perhaps, the scandal of centuries.

Harry C. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®. Website: www.nationalbcc.org Email: halford@nationalbcc.org.


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