Harry Alford

By Harry C. Alford
NNPA Columnist

We all know of the recent horror of a North Charleston, S.C. police officer deciding to murder an unarmed Black citizen by firing eight rounds at his back as he tried to flee and then tried to cover it up. There was a consensus across America that this was a senseless and terrible act. As we mourn the death of 50-year-old Walter Scott, a father of five children, there appears to be an attempt by the liberal left to take political advantage of this tragedy.

MSNBC television news invited the Congressman James Clyburn (D-S.C.) to comment about the matter. What he said was absolutely shocking. He claimed that this murder happened because organizations like the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) caused this. That they set up the atmosphere for this to happen with vicious laws like the Stand Your Ground legislation.

This was totally incorrect and it became obvious that he had been prepped with talking points that were misleading and total propaganda. He took the bait even as he had trouble stating the name of the organization. What we had here was a technique coming out of the liberal left to deceive the general populace into believing that there is an evil empire, known as conservatives, that will murder Black men, hurt Black society in general. The main “whipping boy” has become ALEC.

When Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence signed a bill promoting religious civil rights, the leftists claimed this was anti-gay and began massive protests (on streets, written and televised media). In the end, they claimed it to be the fault of ALEC.

Why is this technique happening all of a sudden? ALEC, a partner organization of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, has a mission that is solid and pro-Americana. It is effective as state legislatures around the nation are becoming more and more pro-business and conservative in their legislative product. ALEC’s success is putting fear into the liberal left and they have begun creating “boogey men”. It reminds me of the unsuccessful Environmental Racism movement during the Clinton Administrations that ended in a big dud. It was a lie and in the end the world realized it was a lie.

ALEC is genuine when it claims itself to be: “The nation’s largest nonpartisan, voluntary membership organization of state legislators in the United States. Members work in a unique, public-private partnership to advance limited government and free market policy. ALEC works on issues of efficiency, effectiveness, accountability and transparency in government to reduce the cost of everyday life and provide real solutions for economic security. ALEC works on economic issues alone, clearly verifiable at ALEC.org and in myriad public statements – and for years has not discussed or acted on any firearms, elections or social-related policy.” I truly believe that the spreading of false and misleading information via the mainstream press and nationally televised news shows is a big disservice to our nation.

The hate being leveled at ALEC and other conservative entities is more than immense. I recently read a five page story written by a British publication, UK Progressive, which was one big diatribe of hatred and false accusations of the organization. Can you believe that, a magazine from England stepping up and trying to degrade an American organization whose mission is clear and actually beyond reproach?

It gets worse. The liberals have even put up a website which dedicates its entire being to spouting unjustified filth and lies about this mainstream organization. It is hard for me to imagine such a campaign of lies with the intent of forming unjustified hatred on a group of people with a mission that is American as “Apple Pie.”

ALEC is a friend of mine and I will debate and go face-to-face with anyone trying to spew such hatred. I and the National Black Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) are prepared to check them for what they are trying to do in such a wicked fashion. I tried to ignore them but when they slip a “game” on Congressman Clyburn, I must draw the line.

The NBCC is going to start working more closely with state legislatures. I am writing this article two blocks away from the Illinois State Capitol Building where we are advocating for better government in Illinois. Our Illinois chapters have been very successful in developing a great relationship with the state representatives and senators here. We will emulate this and our partnership with ALEC will remain firm. Great legislation as well as the development of future elected officials with a solid pro-business agenda will be the products of our efforts.

We, as well as ALEC, will continue to grow and whoa to the evil minds who try to play evil tricks on the American people.
Harry C. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®. Website: www.nationalbcc.org. Email: halford@nationalbcc.org.


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