Harry Alford
By Harry C. Alford
NNPA Columnist

President Barack Obama has been catching hell from all sides lately because of his refusal to utter the words “Islamic extremism.” All of the unrest, tyranny, mayhem and atrocities that are being performed by jihadists or Muslim zealots are definitely based on Islamic extremism. Women and children are dying by the thousands and the White House seems to be more worried of the mainstream image of Islam than the health and welfare of innocent people from every continent on this earth.

It seems so juvenile how spokespersons for this administration dodge the use of “Islamic extremism” when pressured by the press. Some reporters have shouted at them, “Say it! Say Islamic Extremism,” but they maintain their naïve position. This denial strategy is feeding the evil doers and helping them to recruit young and impressionable youth – our youth.

Why is the president of the United States so soft on Islamic terrorism? Why didn’t he go to Paris for the leadership summit? I believe this is the result of a long process. President Obama has a strong affinity to Islam that started forming almost from his birth.

His father was a multi-generational Muslim. His step-father was a life-long Muslim. He spent years in Indonesia living as an Indonesian. His formative years had three prongs of influence: One, Islam from Kenya Two, Islam from Indonesia and Three, no emphasis on any particular religion. Islam is in his “bones.” His brothers, sisters and step-siblings are all Muslims. In his early adulthood he took voluntary vacations to Pakistan and India to visit his Muslim buddies. His most trusted adviser, Valerie Jarrett, was born in the Shite Islamic nation of Iran and spoke Farsi as a child. Her parents were committed to service in this Islamic nation. The affinity is there – “cut and dried” – documented.

We have a growing and fearsome enemy right now. It is Islamic extremism. A strong leader must first recognize the enemy. A great example of strong leadership is General Colin Powell. As we were about to invade Iraq for the first time, he gave a full blown press conference. “The enemy is called the Iraqi Republican Guards. We will move them to the northeast. After we have them cut off – we will kill it!”

That is just what he did – all 80,000 of them. The rest of the Iraqi military turned around and started running away. That is how you handle physical conflict. You don’t try to ignore it or explain it away. You don’t call a murderous army such as ISIS a JV team and expect them to get their feelings hurt and turn around. We control the strongest military on earth and he is acting like some silly boy trying psychology on the school yard bully. That is cruising for a bruising.

There is a growing problem very lethal to the well-being of everyone on this earth. We can’t get along with the head chopping, blood dripping Islamic extremists. The only option is to kill enough of them until they stop their evil ways. In some places it will take “boots on the ground.” Other venues may just need a good dose of carpet bombing. Whatever the need, it will be deadly and must be permanent.

He should seek counsel from the top religious leaders around the world. The Pope and his equivalents from all major bona-fide religions should provide moral input. Maybe he can get an understanding of what real Islam is. This jihad mess that is popping up in so many nations because his refusal to address it head-on needs to end immediately.

No, the Underwear Bomber was not a misguided kid. He was formally trained in Yemen in the same terrorist school that trained the recent Paris shooters. Call him a terrorist! Everyone coming out of that Al Qaeda produced school is a terrorist. Treat them like it – kill or imprison them forever.

Mr. President, please don’t think that Iraq and Afghanistan are done with. The Islamic extremists are coming back exponentially and that is your fault. History will show that. Sooner or later, true leaders of the world will have to go in and exterminate the bad guys.

Oh yes, there is a place known as Nigeria. It is the largest Black population in the world. It is slowly bleeding with no end in sight. That end won’t come until you rise up like a true leader and do what is good for our brothers and sisters. If not you, then who? If not now, then when?

If you pray, please request strength, courage and the faith of David. Yes, David was Jewish but there are many great leaders who are or have been Jewish. It is all right.

Mr. President, the longer you wait the more innocents will be murdered. Also, the more Islamic extremists you will have to kill. Happy Hunting!

Harry C. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce. Website: www.nationalbcc.org Email: halford@nationalbcc.org.


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