Harry Alford

 By Harry C. Alford
NNPA Columnist

The Environmental Protection Agency was once a small operation working out of the Department of Interior.  President Richard Nixon elevated it to a single agency and used it as a diversion from the Civil Rights and the Anti – Vietnam War movements.  The two movements were joining and he wanted to put an end to it.  He kicked it off with Earth Day, which was the beginning of the environmentalist movement.  Today, every member of the Obama administration is screaming “Global Warming.”  It appears that the EPA is once again being used as a diversion from all of the economic ills and scandals coming out of Washington, D.C.

The EPA is now launching a series of rules and proposals that will greatly limit our commerce activity. It is basing the need for this activity on global warming which has yet to be proven.  Former Vice President Al Gore has made more than a billion dollars selling this claim.  He blames it basically on the energy industry. That is ironic because his family made its fortune from ownership in Occidental Petroleum.  Also, he made his last windfall from selling his television station to Al Jazeera, which is owned by oil producing sheiks.  All of Gore’s far-fetched predictions have been proven false.

The current EPA administration has been in office for nearly six years and most of the initiatives they have originated are falling apart or have been stopped in their tracks. With two years remaining, they are under serious pressure from environmentalists to implement some programs.  In response to that pressure, they are coming out with extreme programs such as eliminating coal, increasing ethanol use, and other initiatives that will lessen the availability of electricity, gasoline, natural gas and drive up energy prices like never before.  They remind me of kamikaze pilots in World War II. They have no thought about the damage they might do even if it kills them. The bad thing is that it may cause serious harm to our economic well-being and do irreparable harm to our nation.

Right now, they are shutting down coal-fired utility plants in states such as West Virginia, Arizona, California, Ohio, Alabama, with many more coming. Thousands of careers are being destroyed and the supply of electricity is being reduced. Energy reduction will definitely spike our utility bills. Many of us will not be able to make the monthly bills.

Keep in mind they want to end coal in this nation completely. That would only hurt America while Russia, China, India and other nations are increasing their production of coal. Any reduction here would be offset by other nations in the world. China alone is opening one new coal mine per week!  As other nations are building out their infrastructure and manufacturing ability, we will be decreasing our industrial might.  We must fight this and stop EPA’s sinister plans.

They want to increase the use of ethanol.  Ethanol is corn-based and the making of it adds to the price of everything else that uses corn.  About 25 percent of what is sold in a grocery store has some connection to corn.  Many of you will not be able to buy groceries as you do now.  Ethanol actually decreases the gas mileage of an automobile and will damage a car’s engine. The biggest ethanol program is that of Brazil. After 15 years the nation announced that any improvement in the air quality of Brazil does not register 1 percent. Clearly, ethanol is a bust.

We have made great improvement in how we mine natural gas.  Fracturing a/k/a fracking is a process that has been fully developed and it enables us to have such great quantities of natural gas we now export it.  This is giving the EPA fits and it is trying to stop the process by any means necessary.  Right now they are trying to challenge the patents of companies that supply the ingredients for fracking fluid.  Instead of being happy about the increase in production of one of the cleanest forms of fuel, they want to eliminate it.

The EPA has just issued proposed rules on water.  The “Waters of the US” rule amounts to government oversight through a permit process of every entity of water throughout our nation.  Ponds, reservoirs, irrigation, puddles, etc. that are on your land must be inspected by the EPA.  Imagine what this will do to our farmers.  Many unsuspecting land owners are going to find themselves faced with large fines and business/home disruptions.

The list goes on and on.  There will be dozens of new horrors introduced by this runaway federal agency.  We, who love this nation and want to keep it strong, must fight back. Through Congress, the courts and public exposure we must stop their every sinister move.

Harry C.  Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce.  Website: www.nationalbcc.org  Email: halford@nationalbcc.org.


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