Harry Alford

By Harry C. Alford
NNPA Columnist

The mid-term national election will go down as the biggest landslide since 1928. The Democratic Party suffered a full fledge repudiation from the voters of America. This was caused by the Democratic Party leadership.

We have a president who often lies to the American people and his puppets in the Senate and House of Representatives cannot or will not convince him to change his ways. His initiatives such as the Affordable Care Act are hurting our populace and his party doesn’t seem to care about the damage.  All of the scandals from the IRS, State Department, National Security Agency, “Fast and Furious,” Secret Service, ISIS, etc. seem to have no resolution coming as his administration continues to try and cover them up.  America’s image and international prestige have been damaged and are in need of serious repair.

The majority of the American citizenship is totally disappointed and is demanding change. The elections on November 4 gave us all an opportunity to show our despair. It resulted in a stronger Republican population in the House of Representatives and a takeover of the U.S. Senate.  I still think that our president still doesn’t get it.  He should follow the wisdom of former President Bill Clinton. When the people said “no” to his direction, he changed his direction just enough to maintain their support.  Our current president is like “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

He does not have the luck of Admiral Farragut during the Civil War and history will not be kind to his legacy unless he transforms his persona.  The Democratic Party has become a victim of a “power flush” – as we say in Washington, D.C.

No longer will Senator Harry Reid, soon to be former Senate Majority Leader, block legislation coming out of the House of Representatives.  He has more than 200 bills on his “shelf” and denies them a Senate vote just to please the president. The new Senate Majority Leader will be Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and he is going to resurrect the disrespected bills and pass them onto the White House.  The president will have to do one of two things – sign them or veto them.  He may go down as the president with the most vetoes in the history of our nation.  The bottom line here is the gridlock is over and efficiency can return.

There needs to be an end to stalling on the scandal investigations. Not only will the House committees feel reinvigorated and start prowling again but the Senate committees will now join the investigations. Yes, more hearings are coming in a big time way.  Indictments and hard times will affect the lives of those who have lied before Congress.

The former Senate operated four of the last five years without an approved budget. That is going to change now with responsible leadership returning to the Senate.  How can you run a town, let alone a nation, without a budget?  Our debt should start getting under control and our economy should start to improve.  Wall Street celebrated after the election and that will result in a better economy and many more jobs.

We can now stop the business wrecking acts of adverse regulation. Led by the Environmental Protection Agency, this administration attacked business with more than 3,000 rules – all of which cost serious money and amounts to reduced sales/production and precious jobs.  These unnecessary rules cost our economy billions of dollars annually.

There was more good news from the election. We now have five more Blacks in the House of Representatives. Three are Democrats and two are Republicans. The Democrats are: Alma Adams from North Carolina; Bonny Watson Coleman  from New Jersey and Brenda Lawrence from Michigan. The two Republicans are Mia Love from Utah and Will Hurd from Texas.  Also, Corey Booker from New Jersey and Tim Scott from South Carolina were both reelected to the Senate.  Diversity is improving.

Finally, maybe the time for monolithic support by Black voters will start to end.  We are the only ethnicity that blindly follows one exclusive party and it has cost us dearly.  I heard one prominent Black female say on Radio One, “Blacks should always vote Democratic.  It doesn’t matter who is running, just vote Democratic.  Afterwards, we can go and eat fried chicken.”  That is so moronic!  It is also dangerous.  Now that we have elected officials in both parties, we cannot be taken for granted.  Let’s be conscious of what the candidate is selling.  Never assume the vision of someone based on their political party affiliation or race.

It is a new day in America.  The recession is going to end and our security will once again be strong.  Jobs are coming and businesses are starting up.  Catch up Democratic Party.  You are welcomed to the “land of plenty.”

Harry C. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®.  Website: 
www.nationalbcc.org  Email: halford@nationalbcc.org.


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