Geoffrey Roach, chairman of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association, encouraged hoteliers to use the time of reduced tourism activity as a result of the vagaries of COVID-19, to improve on their services.

In a press statement released on Sept. 26 by Roach in celebration of World Tourism Day, he pointed out that tourism has gone through crises before and recovered and it is for this reason he believes that the tourism industry will indeed be able to recover from this current crisis, the Barbados Advocate reported.

“In planning for our recovery we must seize the opportunities that arise to build an enhanced visitor experience and form more strategic and sustainable linkages. The opportunity is before us to retool and upgrade the skills of our people — to develop enhanced leaders, to develop new skills that will appeal to a changing traveling demographic while continuing to provide first-class experiences to our numerous repeat guests,” he said.

“As tourism has changed, so has just about everything in the world in which we live, with much of the change in the past couple decades being driven by technological change. The opportunity is before us to embrace technology to a greater extent and employ it in our operations for greater efficiency and an expanded guest experience.”

Roach strongly encouraged persons and businesses across Barbados to consider how they could use technology in an effort to make their lives and businesses more comfortable and efficient. Additionally, he stated that opportunities to improve the value chain with agriculture, the cultural industries and others also needed to be explored and advanced as new ways of thinking and operating in these industries were imperative.

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