The Biden-Harris administration has introduced new tools to fight mental illness. (Alex Green via Wikimedia Commons)
The Biden-Harris administration has introduced new tools to fight mental illness. (Alex Green via Wikimedia Commons)

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As Mental Health Awareness Month continues, the Biden-Harris administration has upped its push to help all who might struggle with various battles.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra has put forth new initiatives from the Biden-Harris Administration to expand access to mental health resources and support. and the HHS Children and Youth Resilience Challenge are two initiatives that will increase access to health resources and support for those addressing mental health issues, Becerra declared.

Earlier, the president and vice president created a mental health program to help people deal with suicidal thoughts. 

In addition, they set up a 998 hotline that individuals can call when they are in crisis.

The launch of will assist Americans in identifying available resources, researching various treatment options, and learning how to seek the assistance they require for mental health, substance abuse, or alcohol-related issues.

According to Becerra, is a user-friendly online resource that assists people in navigating common questions at the beginning of their journey to better behavioral health, such as how to ask for help, how to help others, and how to search for a healthcare professional or support program that meets their needs. 

The site helps people find treatment and support based on their insurance situation, such as Medicaid, Medicare, Veterans Affairs health care, TRICARE, private insurance, or no insurance.

Officials stated that it shows how to set up an appointment, helping people ensure they take the proper steps before seeing a healthcare professional.

The HHS Children and Youth Resilience Challenge will provide $1 million in funding for innovative community-led solutions to promote resilience in children and youth affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and other disasters and to promote positive strategies to help children and youth thrive. 

The President’s Unity Agenda and Mental Health Strategy acknowledge the Resilience Challenge, a product of the HHS Behavioral Health Coordinating Council Subcommittee on Children and Youth, and advance the HHS Roadmap for Behavioral Health Integration.

“Thanks to President Biden, we are finally and seriously saying to anyone struggling with their mental health, support is here,” Becerra stated.

“I am proud that we are changing how mental health is viewed in this country because mental health is health.”

“At HHS, we will continue tackling our nation’s mental health crisis by increasing understanding of the challenges people are facing, decreasing stigma associated with these challenges, and improving access to support by better integrating it inside and outside the health care system.”

HHS Deputy Secretary Andrea Palm said the administration has created a “bold vision of integrated, equitable, and accessible behavioral health care.”

Further, Palm stated that these initiatives are part of HHS’ commitment to realizing that vision and ensuring that everyone receives the support needed.

“I started my career in behavioral health, and I know the real, tangible difference these initiatives can make.

“HHS will continue to advance the policies and resources necessary to enhance the health and well-being of all Americans.”

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