Michelle Obama is usually the adult in the room when it comes to American politics. During the 2016 presidential campaign that featured regular nasty attacks made against Democrat Hillary Clinton from then-Republican nominee Donald Trump, Obama coined the famous phrase, “When they go low, we go high.”

Following the debacle that masqueraded as the first presidential debate of 2020 on Sept. 29 between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden, the former first lady demonstrated to her 43 million Instagram followers why she’s so adored.

“If you were turned off by the president’s behavior last night, I feel you. Believe me, I do,” Obama wrote in a post accompanied by a photo of Biden and former President Barack Obama.

“But we can’t let him win by tuning out altogether. That’s what he wants. So, turn those feelings into action – turn them into votes for my friend, Joe Biden. It’s the only way we can get out of this chaos and restore some stability to this country.”

She continued:

“You can start by reaching out to everyone you know. Make sure they’re registered. Make sure they know how and when they’re going to vote. And then follow up with them, every day, to make sure they cast their ballot. Because in this election, we’ve got to vote for Joe in numbers that cannot be denied.”

It appeared Obama’s message resonated.

While only two percent of respondents in a new poll said that the debate changed how they will vote, Biden still opened a commanding 13-point lead over Trump in the wake of the debate, according to a CNBC/Change Research survey released on Oct. 1.

Biden holds a 54 percent to 41 percent lead, with 53 percent of likely voters surveyed saying that the former vice president outperformed Trump during the debate.

Approximately 29 percent of those polled said Trump did better than Biden.

The debate proved an American nightmare, with Trump repeatedly interrupting Biden and the Democrat responding by calling the president a clown. Notably, Trump refused to condemn white supremacists, and he disparaged Biden’s son, Hunter, for previous drug addiction.

The CNBC/Change Research poll revealed that just 11 percent of respondents believed Biden underperformed while 45 percent said Trump didn’t meet pre-debate expectations.

Tellingly, 77 percent of respondents said the debate didn’t make them feel proud to be an American.

Responding to the chaos, the Commission on Presidential Debates opened an investigation to determine if adjustments to the rules and format are needed ahead of the final two debates scheduled for Oct. 15 and Oct. 22.

“I think one and done,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told Bloomberg TV after the debate. She previously declared that Biden shouldn’t participate at all.

“I myself did not think that Joe Biden should dignify debate with the president who has no commitment to fact, evidence, data, demeans the office he holds,” Pelosi maintained.

During a news conference, Pelosi clarified that her reason had nothing to do with whether Biden would fare well.

“I never thought he shouldn’t do it because I didn’t think he would do well. I thought he shouldn’t do it because I thought something like this could happen,” Pelosi continued.

Pelosi also was troubled with Trump’s refusal to condemn racism.

“To see a president of the United States, in a debate with a potential president of the United States, refuse to condemn white supremacists, refuse to commit to a peaceful transfer of government,” Pelosi stated.

“To ignore the climate crisis as our country is burning and our coasts are hit by fierce storms. To be there to crush the Affordable Care Act instead of crushing the virus.”

Attorney and political consultant Kris Parker told The Washington Informer that another debate should happen if the format is adjusted to contain meaningful consequences for speaking out of turn, going over time and not following the rules.

“The incessant interruptions and disrespect to the moderator led and will continue to lead to chaos, name-calling and embarrassment to our national election process on a world stage,” Parker objected.

“As an attorney and litigator, I can tell you that if an attorney behaved in such a way in the courtroom, that attorney would be held in contempt and thrown in jail by the presiding judge. If this type of behavior is not tolerated in an American courtroom, why would it be tolerated during a presidential debate?”

Famed media psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman believes the remaining debates between Trump and Biden should proceed.

“However, there should be time-limits on all answers – not a free for all. After giving each candidate their equal time, their mike should be cut off, and the other candidate should be given their time,” Lieberman decided.

Stacy M. Brown is a senior writer for The Washington Informer and the senior national correspondent for the Black Press of America. Stacy has more than 25 years of journalism experience and has authored...

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