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Super Tuesday revived Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential bid last week.

One week later, on “Big Tuesday” — or Super Tuesday II — Biden solidified his status as the front-runner and now stands ever close to laying claim as the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee.

Biden earned huge victories in delegate-heavy Michigan as well as Missouri and Mississippi, according to unofficial projections late Tuesday, March 10.

With more than 350 delegates at stake in a six-state primary election day, Michigan counted as the big prize on Big Tuesday.

And Biden dominated Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by earning more than 53 percent of the vote.

Biden entered Tuesday’s contests with 670 delegates to Sanders’ 574.

After declaring victory in Michigan, Missouri and Mississippi, Biden’s delegate count stood at 766, while Sanders trailed with 631, according to NBC News.

Washington (89), Idaho (20) and North Dakota (14) remained up for grabs late Tuesday.

Candidates need 1,991 delegates to secure the nomination on the first ballot at the Democratic National Convention this summer.

“I think we will be at the point where Joe Biden will be the presumptive nominee of the party and I think the DNC should step in, make an assessment and determine whether we should have any more debates,” South Carolina Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn told NPR.

Despite the surprising endorsement bestowed upon Sanders by the Rev. Jesse Jackson, a CNN poll ahead of Big Tuesday revealed that Biden had opened a 52 percent to 36 percent lead.

While Black voters largely supported Biden, the Delaware native led Sanders by a more than 4-to-1 margin with voters over the age of 45.

Those under 45, preferred Sanders by nearly 2-to-1, according to the CNN Poll.

With his dominating performance, NBC News reported that Biden has now earned the backing of two of the biggest super PACs in the Democratic Party — Priorities USA and American Bridge.

“The math is now clear. Joe Biden is going to be the Democratic nominee for president,” Guy Cecil, the chairman of Priorities USA, which spent nearly $200 million in the 2016 presidential election, tweeted late Tuesday.

“We will do everything that we can to help [Biden] defeat Donald Trump in November,” Cecil noted on Twitter.

Bradley Beychok, the head of American Bridge, a super PAC that focuses on opposition outreach, also tweeted his organization’s support of Biden.

“Our team at American Bridge has been ready to support the eventual Democratic nominee for the last two years,” Beychok said.

“Our team has outspent Trump on television in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. That work expands tomorrow as we will be all in to elect Joe Biden as our next president.”

Just last month, Biden’s campaign appeared headed for defeat and Sanders seemed poised to grab the reigns as the presumptive front-runner.

But a series of events helped turned the tide beginning with Biden’s live interview in Charleston with National Newspaper Publishers Association President/CEO Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr.

The interview, live-streamed over social media and at, occurred just days before voters went to the polls in the Palmetto State.

Biden then received an endorsement from Clyburn.

“I got started in the African-American community. I got involved in the civil rights movement when I was a kid. I helped de-segregate a movie theater, that kind of thing,” Biden told Chavis during the interview. “I was the only guy who worked in the projects on the East Side who was white. That’s how I got started and the Black community is the community that, as we say, brung me to the dance. That’s how I got elected.”

Biden told Chavis that the Black vote would likely determine the nation’s next president.

“It’s going to be the determining factor in who the nominee is going to be and I hope that means who the next president is going to be,” Biden pronounced.

He added that the Black Press serves a vital role in the political process.

“The Black Press is the way I did my politics. You go where people are,” Biden said. “You walk into a Black barbershop or beauty salon and your newspaper was there. It’s who we are. The neighborhood we come from. It’s incredibly important; you’re incredibly important.

“I never had the money but any ads that I’ve ever purchased have only been in Black newspapers because it’s the single best way for people to get access to what I say and what I really mean,” he said.

After that, Biden scored a massive victory in South Carolina, energizing him for Super Tuesday, where he received critical endorsements from several former candidates.

Following his win in Michigan on Big Tuesday, Biden received the endorsement of another former candidate, Andrew Yang. Earlier, Biden picked up the support of Cory Booker, Kamala Harris, Pete Buttigieg, Mike Bloomberg and Amy Klobuchar.

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