Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (Courtesy of Twitter)
Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (Courtesy of Twitter)

A ban on fracking, the controversial practice of drilling for natural gas, was approved Monday by the Senate in the Maryland General Assembly.

The House has already approved the bill, which means it can officially become law once signed by Gov. Larry Hogan, who supports the ban.

The proposal for fracking in Western Maryland was rejected about six years ago. Environmental groups applauded the decision to formally ban the practice, which made Maryland one of three states to do so.

New York, one of the two other states, outlawed the practice via executive decision. Vermont also instituted a ban, but doesn’t have shale formations that contains natural gas.

“The Republican governor closest to D.C. — Larry Hogan of Maryland — has joined scientists and health leaders in agreeing that fracking must be banned,” said Mike Tidwell, director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network of Takoma Park. “This is a win for Marylanders and for citizens nationwide.”

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