Black, Latino and low-income students in Maryland aren’t getting the support and resources needed through remote learning, a problem likely to worsen as the coronavirus pandemic drags on, University of Maryland researchers said.

The researchers at U.Md.’s School of Public Health interviewed 52 Black and brown students, parents and educators in the Montgomery County Public Schools system, Maryland Matters reported.

The researchers found that Black and brown pupils, who make up 54 percent of Montgomery County’s student population, need more adult support, better communication, more educational resources and educators who are culturally sensitive, Maryland Matters reported.

Issues with internet access and operation often hamper Black and brown students. Plus, because students are at home and not in a physical building, they often have to interrupt virtual educational sessions to take care of household matters and look after younger siblings with their parents being at work, Maryland Matters reported.

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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