Thomas A. Moorehead (Courtesy of Sterling Motor Vehicles)
Thomas A. Moorehead (Courtesy of Sterling Motor Vehicles)

Great strides in history were made recently as Thomas A. Moorehead, owner of Sterling Motor Cars, became the first black-owned American car dealership to distribute the luxury Lamborghini and McLaren automobile franchises.

With only 31 Lamborghini and 18 McLaren dealerships in North America, Sterling Motors, reportedly placed number one in high-end luxury car retailing in the D.C. region, including Delaware and southern Pennsylvania.

Though the luxury Italian and British sports car franchises serve as a testament to Moorehead’s car capability, his newest line only adds to his already established line, consisting of BMW’s, Rolls-Royces and Harley-Davidson brands.

“We pride ourselves on the ability to provide to everyone, who speaks any language, high-quality luxury cars,” Moorehead said. “What really built our company was our strong reputation for excellent customer service, a value vital to the Rolls Royce brands and our selling record, which sparked the invitation from Rolls Royce Motor Cars to join the exclusive club of only 33 dealers and 130 dealerships around the globe.

“This led to our authorization to sell both Lamborghini and McLaren cars just a few weeks ago, because we have continuously demonstrated high performance, on the higher end side, the ability to adequately sell luxury products and get excellent customer reviews,” he said.

Established in 2002, Sterling Motor Cars, thrives in one of the region’s most wealthy areas, currently serving as one of the largest car dealerships in the region and giving consumers the option of both onsite and online buying experiences.

In addition to his various car dealerships, Moorehead also devotes extra time into developing the community.

In 2004, Moorehead created the Joyce and Thomas Moorehead Foundation, which focuses on higher education and has given nearly $400,000 in scholarship and emergency relief to high school students, with a mission to mentor and inspire low-income students.

The roots to his vision for community service and sustaining career goals, stem from his humble beginnings in Monroe, Louisiana — a town historically below the state’s poverty average — and his love to serve.

“I don’t really look at it so much as being the first of anything,” Moorehead said. “I look at it as doing something I love, while serving others and giving back.”

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