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A black-owned family construction firm has gotten the nod to replace roughly 18,000 lead-corroded pipes that have caused problems with the drinking water in Flint, Michigan.

Jeff Grayer and his wife, Rhonda, who operate the 25-employee W.T. Stevens Construction, have been awarded a multimillion-dollar service contract to help complete the work assigned to four firms.

The firm is the only black-owned and local company to be awarded such a contract.

Grayer, who has yet to divulge the specifics of the project, said that it’s the firm’s largest project.

“This is the biggest project our company has ever done and as a result of the water line contract, our gross revenues have increased by about 70 percent,” he told “The target is to have all 18,000 lead corroded residential pipes replaced by December 2019.”

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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