The African American Holiday Association said Tuesday that the annual Black Love Day will take place on Feb. 13 with the theme of “Black Love Heals 365.”

Black Love Day, the brainchild of D.C. resident Ayo Handy-Kendi, was conceived from a spiritual inspiration in 1993 in the District amid the crack cocaine crisis that caused havoc in many cities.

The day is designed to encourage the use of love as a higher vibration and re-connection solution to heal relationships, increase peace and stop violence, as Black and white communities are experiencing a resurgence of unrest in their communities due to the fentanyl epidemic, fears of white supremacy/racism terrorism, coronavirus isolation, economic and climate disaster anxiety, the association said.

Additionally, mental health will serve as one of the sub-themes this year.

Handy-Kendi wrote a book, “Black Love,” on the subject.

For more information, contact, call 202-667-2577 or go to

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