Courtesy of CitySwing
Courtesy of CitySwing

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CitySwing, the D.C.-based multifaceted golf brand that opened a storefront in the District of Columbia, has rolled out a new state-of-the-art trailer to allow many to participate in what’s known as “a gentleman’s game.”

The Golf Truck, a 35-foot-long trailer, arrives in the nation’s capital fully equipped with two Trackman simulators featuring other games and experiences for amateurs, professionals and the curious.

“The goal was to be able to bring the game of golf wherever we wanted, whenever we wanted,” said DeMarkis Cooper, a PGA member and professional at CitySwing.

“The concept originated in 2018 when we first opened our indoor popup studio,” said Cooper, who began working at CitySwing about a week after graduating from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore PGM Program in 2018. “We received multiple requests from professionals who wanted us to set the simulator up in their building or facility for an event, but the process of setting up the indoor cages can be a bit cumbersome.”

Cooper added that CitySwing determined it had to figure out how to take the simulator concept on the road.

“Once realized we could get the concept on the road, the full potential of the mobile golf truck blossomed,” he said. “Not only could we host events, but we could bring the game of golf to unexpected destinations, introducing people of all backgrounds to the game no matter where they lived, what they looked like, or what their financial circumstances were.”

In a fact sheet, officials said they designed the space for a wide range of golfers – from those addicted to the game to those that have never imagined picking up a club.

Courtesy of CitySwing
Courtesy of CitySwing

Cooper noted that the “non-intimidating” atmosphere is a place to practice, play, compete in a league, or get introduced to the game.

In what’s now a competitive D.C. golf market, CitySwing vowed that it’s coming in with a new vision – diversifying the game.

CitySwing officials said its founder, Tari Cash, understands that if 90% of Fortune 500 CEOs and board members play golf, 90% of everyone else should also participate.

Statistics show that women make up 23% of golfers, and Black women fewer than 1%.

With that, CitySwing has addressed the lack of inclusion in the golfing industry.

“Our goal as a brand is to make the game more fun and convenient for everyone. A big part of that is ensuring everyone feels welcomed and comfortable when they come in,” Cooper said. “Thanks in part to Tari Cash, our spaces are fun and energetic. It’s not your average country club. Instead, our studio makes everyone feel like they’re at home.”

Each suite in the simulator is soundproof, with personal televisions where individuals can curate their golfing experience. Those wishing to work on their short game can practice on an angulated putting green.

Patrons may also enjoy refreshments in a lounge area next to a custom art mural of two iconic African American golfers, Renee Powell and Charlie Sifford.

“The truck rolled out in mid-May at Broccoli City Fest in D.C.,” Cooper said. “Since then, we participated in activation with the PGA ‘Beyond the Green,’ which took place in early June. The truck has been in the works for over a year, and its rollout is part of the greater CitySwing brand launch coming this July.”

CitySwing’s first brick-and-mortar studio will open at 901 New York Avenue NW, featuring two private simulator rooms using Trackman technology.

Golf professionals like Cooper will stand at the ready to assist interested ones and help them learn about the game.

Instructors will remain available as a part of golf truck events to help all the newcomers get a proper introduction.

“Along with certified instructors, most people who work at CitySwing are fluent enough in the game to teach the basics to any beginner and get them started on the right foot,” Cooper said.

The African American-owned CitySwing also will offer three mini-golf holes, a photo booth and a “chill zone” that will travel for each event.

“I believe we are still a very young company that has just begun to scratch the market’s surface in the DMV area,” Cooper said. “Most people who know about us know that Tari owns the company, and we also have a diverse team which shines upon our consumers daily.

“Up to this point, we’ve been mostly testing the D.C. market and getting prepared to hit the ground running when the time comes,” he said. “So I don’t think that fact alone has fallen under the radar. I think we’ve been intentionally flying there while we got prepared to make the huge splash we’ve always intended for.”

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