Barack Obama and Jimmy Fallon


This morning on NewsOne Now with Roland Martin, National Newspaper Publishers Association Foundation (NNPA) wire service Editor-in-Chief George Curry said the black press has been disrespected in recent years.

“There is a disrespect for the black press that we have not seen in recent years. For example, we have requested — every year — an interview with the President. He can ignore 200 black newspapers and 19 million viewers but he can give one to every stupid white comedian there is on TV, the black ones and the white ones, and has time for all type of bufoonery but they will not respect the black press enough to give us an interview,” Curry said on NewsOneNow with Roland Martin this morning.

The NNPA, also known as the Black Press of America, is a 73-year-old federation of more than 200 Black community newspapers from across the U.S.

Curry, a veteran journalist and the former editor-in-chief of Emerge magazine, was likely referring to the many celebrity interviews President Obama has granted. President Obama will be on the Ellen DeGeneres show tomorrow to promote health care enrollment as the March 31st deadline nears. But prior to the President’s push to promote enrollment in non-traditional ways, black journalists have been granted very few opportunities to interview President Obama.


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