Blacks and Latinos in Richmond, Va., have been confirmed as having contracted the most coronavirus cases, which not only greatly affects low-wage workers who lack paid sick leave but also those who don’t have enough workplace protections, according to data released by the state.

Nearly six months after the coronavirus was declared a pandemic, efforts to limit its spread among Black and Latino populations in the capital city has become an uphill battle to lower the numbers, as more than 80 percent of cases are now being reported as either Black or Latino, Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that Hispanic people currently make up the highest percentage in coronavirus hot spots, the city of Richmond has received a $250,000 grant for rent relief for 105 immigrant and mixed-status families.

The city has also used federal funds from the CARES Act to pay for isolated stays at hotels for families who couldn’t quarantine inside their homes and distributed masks and hand sanitizer to the most affected ZIP codes.

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