HEART (Humanity Equality Acceptance Responsiveness Thankfulness) is an acronym for the type of heart protections America professes to have in abundance, grandfathered in from our Founding Fathers’ principles, constitutionalized and “Bill-of-Righted” into our nation’s permanent future, to prevent corporate corruption of her heart health.

America, the patient, is approaching the point of no return where companies vote, rig and buy elections wholesale through unlimited funding, lobbying, and a general ransacking of public elections, the Republic, and our governmental system. The safeguards were put in place to prevent such unfettered greed and gross mismanagement, that could reduce America’s heart to a bottomless, line-itemized deduction. Are we the nation, that will be forever known as the worldwide leader in military bases that we’ve built, and countless number of victims along the way we’ve enslaved and “kill’t”?

Another HEART is “Humility Equitably Attracting Respectful Trustworthiness.” That’s where the American country club-wannabe leadership loses the masses, becoming the endless pursuit of ever over-reaching, too-far reaching, then preaching down at the common man, without the “common sense” about which Thomas Paine wrote.

America’s “vitals,” for far too long, have been perverted to only profitability from providence by charlatans disguised and dressed up as cardiologists. These are witch doctors, fake news, wannabe cardiologists who can barely pull their own (hair) plugs.

Our Mother Earth is not America’s oyster; America is supposed to be the world’s “oyster of opportunity,” taking in the people who are the salt of the earth. Through the “culturing process,” America helps to heal humanity’s imperfections turning them into spiritual rewards and enhancing the lives of millions.

This is the American HEART that the rest of the world can unite with; unfortunately, America’s current foreign policy makes the country look like we’re “only out for No. 1.”

The American HEART I was raised to believe in, strive for and ultimately deliver, is supposed to be the most honorable, elegant, accommodating respectable truth that can be defended from a moral high ground from on heaven’s highlands that was “bequeathed” to us (and stolen from the Native Americans).

America’s HEART now, more than ever, requires “Honest Egalitarian Activism Remedying Top-down-ness.”

The seas are rising; the storms have come and are here and they are more severe and more frequent. The droughts have come and food will not grow. Fires burn at the gates, as the ice melts, while those not at sea level do everything but “see level.” Meanwhile, America’s HEART health is at a “C-level,” nowhere near strong enough to lead the world during tough times.

America’s heart health must be higher than C-level. Our current path could lead to a potentially catastrophic heart attack, thereby killing the patient. We must know by now, that it’s time to get to work. That means ending bad HEART health practices (“Hoarding Ego-based Apathy Retards Truthful” solutions) nationwide, while promoting good HEART health (“Honorable Empathy Accessible Righteousness Triumphs”).

Do you have the HEART that it takes to love the world?

In the 757 area code, the H.E.A.R.T. (Humanity Empowerment And Resources Team) consortium was formed to use a business networking approach to community “give-backtivism.” This model is free and can be exported and replicated nationwide and around the world.

Bowers has written for the New Journal and Guide of Norfolk, Va., the nation’s third-oldest Black newspaper, for the past 18 years. Contact him at V1ZUAL1ZE@aol.com.

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