The main gateway of Bowie State University (Courtesy of M. Chambers via Wikimedia Commons)
The main gateway of Bowie State University (Courtesy of M. Chambers via Wikimedia Commons)

A new partnership between Bowie State University in Maryland and the U.S. Coast Guard enables BSU students expanded access to scholarships, academic options and research opportunities.

Bowie becomes as Maryland’s first historically black institution to enter into a partnership agreement with the Coast Guard. The agreement specifically provides one full-time Bowie State student a Coast Guard College Student Pre-Commissioning Initiative scholarship, which covers up to two academic years of tuition, books and essential supplies.

“This partnership will create new career pathways for our students and graduates to enhance the university’s mission and advance our strategic priority of student success,” BSU President Aminta Breaux said in a statement. “Bowie State University is committed to providing our students with experiences to help them realize their full potential and to contribute to a global society, and we are grateful to the U.S. Coast Guard for its leadership in preparing students for diverse career opportunities.”

Along with scholarship funds, students receive full pay and active-duty Coast Guard member benefits, including medical, dental and housing allowance. Other interested students can compete for the scholarship via a national pool of scholars from all minority-serving institutions.

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