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**FILE** D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (Roy Lewis/The Washington Informer)

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Department of Energy and Environment (DOEE) recently announced “District Buying Power” — a new program to allow local businesses to aggregate into larger buying groups, enabling them to lower their energy costs by taking advantage of bulk purchase prices.

“There is power in numbers. By allowing our businesses to form larger purchasing groups, we can even the playing field and help them save money on their energy costs,” Bowser said. “District Buying Power is another innovative solution that will provide much-needed financial relief to our small business community.”

By joining larger groups under District Buying Power, the D.C. business community will have access to a proven and effective way to get the best available pricing and contract terms, which typically are only available for large energy users.

District Buying Power also will analyze customer data to provide energy tracking, budgeting and reporting so that small businesses can enjoy the same services as large businesses, without requiring any investment. The data analysis will allow District Buying Power to recommend renewable energy, energy efficiency efforts, benchmarking compliance and various other related services.

“I encourage the businesses inside and outside the District to join and start receiving these benefits immediately” said DOEE Director Tommy Wells. “Whether you are in a contract or not, you can sign up today and enroll your accounts into the buying group for the next available bulk purchase. Signing up requires just a few minutes and a copy of your energy bill.”

Albireo Energy, formerly Taylor Consulting, was chosen under a 2019 Request for Proposal to administer the program based on its unique suite of services and its considerable experience. Albireo Energy also runs Boston Buying Power and Philly Buying Power—District-endorsed programs that have been successfully operating for over a decade.

“Albireo Energy is excited to work with the District and DOEE to provide these valuable services during such difficult times,” said Albireo Energy General Manager Scott Stiner. “There is a lot of assistance we can offer, as participants in our other markets have realized substantial savings.”

Recent reports show that between 60 to 80 percent of all businesses use an energy supplier other than the utility. District Buying Power will optimize that purchasing process through targeted aggregations, expert market analyses, and a competitive bidding process.

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