**FILE** Metropolitan Police Department vehicles (Courtesy photo)
**FILE** Metropolitan Police Department vehicles (Courtesy photo)

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser provided details Monday of her plan to have 4,000 sworn officers in the Metropolitan Police Department within a few years.

The mayor explained her plan with Metropolitan Police Chief Robert J. Contee III at her side. In her fiscal 2023 budget, $30 million has been allocated for the hiring, recruitment and retention of officers.

The $30 million will permit the MPD to hire 347 officers in the fiscal year 2023 including 258 new recruits, 42 residents from the cadet program, and retrieving 47 law enforcement officers who have retired.

Bowser said keeping officers on the force is a priority.

“As we get back to 4,000 officers, we’re focused on hiring D.C. residents to be D.C. police and we’re also focused on hiring more female officers,” the mayor said. “And our cadet program helps us do both. Combined with our investments in non-police prevention and intervention efforts, and combined with our investments in recreation opportunities for young people, this investment in MPD is going to help us build a safer, stronger DC.”

Incentives that will be used to hire, recruit and retain officers include hiring bonuses for new recruits and converting cadets, giving temporary housing stipends for new recruits living outside of the city, expanding the vehicle take-home program for MPD officers who are District residents, offering tuition reimbursement grants within the Police Officer Retention Program, investing in staff to support the officer wellness program and in leadership efforts, creating a “Legion of Leaders” to enhance chances for MPD ranking members to participate in additional learning opportunities related and non-related to law enforcement and expanded enhancements for the closed-circuit television network and video evidence management.

Contee said Bowser’s plan will aid his efforts to increase the number of police officers and improve public safety in the city.

“Mayor Bowser’s budget makes critical investments to ensure the MPD can return to a stable staffing position that supports police work that our residents and communities want,” he said. “However, policing is only one part of the citywide public safety plan, and her proposed budget continues important investments in violence prevention programs and alternatives to police responses.”    

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  1. Guess that defunding of the police wasn’t working out so well. A fool could have told her it wouldn’t.

  2. And soon they’ll have non citizens as recruits if the libs have their way. Just think all those cops that crossed out southern border, illegally. Oh! We won’t know if they did or didn’t.

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