A small number of vaccinated Americans experienced “breakthrough” cases of COVID-19 and even fewer were hospitalized, according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

As of April 30, roughly 11,000 breakthrough infections had been reported among 101 million vaccinated Americans — or about 0.0001% — Axios reported, citing CDC data. Women constituted 63% of the breakthrough cases and the median age for a patient was 58.

CDC’s preliminary data shows that 27% of breakthrough infections were asymptomatic, while 10% of the patients hospitalized and 2% died. Of those hospitalized, 29% were asymptomatic or hospitalized for a reason unrelated to the coronavirus, Axios reported.

The CDC said the odds of getting or becoming seriously ill from the coronavirus are extremely lower once vaccinated.

“The number of COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths that will be prevented among vaccinated persons will far exceed the number of vaccine breakthrough cases,” the organization said, Axios reported.

So far, about half of the U.S. population has received at least one dose of a coronavirus vaccine, with 131 million, or about 40%, now fully vaccinated, according to the CDC.

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