Courtesy of Sandlot Southwest
Courtesy of Sandlot Southwest

Sandlot Southwest is the newest outdoor event space to hit the D.C. social scene. Created by social moguls Kevin Hallums (@unklescooty) and Ian Callender(@ianeyecan), longstanding brothers and D.C. natives, the Sandlot is bringing us an interactive outdoor cultural event space just in time for Skin Out Season!

Sandlot Southwest celebrated its opening day on Pi Day, March 14, with food and music featuring local chefs and musical talent. With Audi Field serving as its neighbor, this 4,000 square-foot open-air space is set to serve as a new hub for social events and is available to rent out to craft your own unique experiences.

Courtesy of Sandlot Southwest

Hallums and Callender wanted to create a platform that welcomed diverse crowds while reinventing the D.C. experience they grew up in. What began as a vacant lot has now been transformed into an outdoor event hotspot, proving that reclaiming Chocolate City is not so far-fetched.

This new venue will ensure the footprint of D.C. culture is unwavering while embracing the richness of added flavors. An homage to the beloved movie that celebrated its 25th anniversary last year, the Sandlot is a symbol of diversity and love and will redefine the system that seeks to separate us.

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