Muhammadu Buhari
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari (Courtesy of the U.S. State Department)

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has decried the impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine, saying it is beginning to take a toll on prices of many commodities, especially foodstuffs, The Nigeria Daily Post reported June 4. 

He said the situation is even more devastating when the world is gradually recovering from the effects of COVID-19 pandemic.

Buhari, who was in Accra, Ghana at the 6th Extraordinary Session of the Authority of Heads of State, also lent his voice to previous decisions taken by ECOWAS leaders on the political situations in Burkina Faso, Mali and Guinea. He said any resolution must consider the victims of unconstitutional changes of government and the adverse consequences of isolation on them. He expressed concern that since the last Summit of ECOWAS leaders on March 25, little has been achieved in terms of having an acceptable timetable for the conduct of elections to restore democratic rule in the affected countries.

He noted that although the military leadership in Burkina Faso has released President Kabore in line with the request by ECOWAS leaders, further measures must be taken to ensure his safety and full freedom. Buhari warned that the security situations in both Mali and Burkina Faso have reached alarming levels with constant attacks by extremist groups on the civilian populace and military facilities, further aggravating the humanitarian condition in the two countries.

“We are left with no option but to devise means of sustaining our economies by becoming more creative and evolving in finding other channels of demand and supply in order to ensure that we cushion the effect of the war and prevent our economies from collapsing and our people remain productive,” he said. “We must ensure that we remember the mass of the populations in the affected countries who are victims of the unconstitutional change of government and the adverse consequences of isolation brought about.”

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