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“Wealth is found by reducing your life problems, increasing activities that create purpose, meaning and resources in your life. Wealth is not a quantifiable number, but a customized lifestyle that creates freedom and happiness…” —

When we live life with a commitment to our overall wellness, we are able to make well-informed decisions resulting in health and financial balance. Positive thoughts and affirmations lead us to discover our best health and wealth connection. Below is “food for thought” to improve our mental, intellectual, emotional, physical and financial wellbeing:

Adopt an attitude of self-care

I decided to rid my household of chemical-based products and replace them with natural solutions and remedies. Immediately I noticed my thinking was clearer. In addition, I decided to switch to a whole-food based diet and began to eliminate processed foods. The money saved on less beneficial food items and cleaning products reduced expenses, increased savings and grew my businesses. My energy and mental clarity heightened to make better decisions regarding my health and wealth.

Understand your “enough”

The process of “mindfulness” in my day-to-day life has led me to more abundant health and wealth. Mindfulness is a process of being present with all aspects of your being. I have embraced the concepts of “mindful cooking and eating.” It is said it takes approximately 20 minutes for your brain to determine you are full. Slowing down my eating process has helped to not overconsume. This also leads to savings within my grocery budget and increasing my overall health. Also, moving toward a minimalist mentality has reduced my overage of material possessions and happi- ness with my “enough.”

Understand your opportunity cost

This represents the benefits missed out on when choosing one opportunity over another. Within the realm of health and wealth, we must understand our options and how to make the best decisions. When determining things like nutrition, exercise, spending, saving and investment choices, we have to outline our options and choose the one that gives us the best health and wealth benefits.

Know your live numbers

Technology has provided advantages regarding the oversight of our finances. I believe in maintaining a level of “manual” attachment with my finances. The ATM can provide a ballpark figure of my balances, but not the total picture. The same applies to your health. Know your vital numbers such as your cholesterol, blood pressure, vitamin and mineral levels. Our bodies alert us when something has changed so we can identify holistic ways to improve our health.

Create multiple streams of income and health patterns

Wealth is easier developed by having diversified streams of income. Whether it is a combination of full-time employment, self-employment, entrepreneurship, passive income, it is important to diversify your income as you would your investments. I believe this carries a level of peace because you are not relying on one source of income. The same holds true with our health. We must create a diverse action plan regarding our nutrition and fitness. Diversity brings a level of enjoyment to the processes we are trying to change.

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