Under the direction and management of President Donald Trump and his coronavirus pandemic task force, there has been mass death. With over 90,000 deaths, and over one million cases of the virus, there are still limited masks, limited ventilators, limited gowns, limited testing kits and massive corruption.

Instead of President Trump’s weekly briefing solidifying and bringing the country together to fight a common enemy, the nation is more divided and broken. President Trump’s briefings have become a comedy show, where officials tell lies, there’s no coordinated national plan, and there’s made-up facts. In the past few weeks, the president has made a mockery of the country by suggesting that citizens could cure COVID-19 by injecting bleach or tanning.

As a result of President Trump’s statements, major companies have put out statements to customers to not follow the president’s instructions or advice. This strange behavior is bizarre, and the president’s numbers are getting worse instead of better. After this debacle, many Americans are forced to ask the question, “Do we trust our president and the government?”

The failure is national, and our president sees the coronavirus pandemic in personal and political terms. He is forcing Republican governors to open up the country with limited thought, no strategic plan, and everyone on their own. Trump sees the coronavirus pandemic as a “temporary speed bump” that will magically disappear, and things will go back to normal.

America will not be just back in business. The virus is highly contagious, and there will probably be more than one wave. With the Republican governors opening their states, we can expect more carnage and death, because there is no drug or vaccine.

“The virus should have united America against a common threat,” says George Parker, reporter for The Atlantic. “With different leadership, it might have. Instead, even as it spread from blue to red, attitudes broke down along familiar partisan lines. The virus also should have been a great leveler. You don’t have to be in the military or in debt to be a target — You just have to be human

But under Trump and the Republican regime, they have decided that compassion, integrity and truth were character faults that should never be practiced or exemplified. Trump and the Republicans are only interested in making money and the health care system and economy is set up for the rich to keep winning.

There is something wrong with a health care system that is expecting Americans to die, and don’t care if only less than 2% of the population have been tested. The Republican leaders only care about opening up the economy and get as many people as they can off unemployment. The president never talks about death and families suffering, because “happy talk” makes Americans feel better.

The universe is speaking, and all our president can do is lie, lie and lie.

“He never even pretended to be president of the whole country, but pitted us against one another along lines of race, sex, religion, citizenship, education, region and — every day of his presidency — political party. His main tool of governance was to lie,” Parker says.

History is bound to repeat itself, and the second wave of a pandemic is usually the most fatal and deadly. America is at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, and very few Americans are thinking. It is very easy to lie, but COVID-19 will force you to tell the truth.

As Parker says, “The fight to overcome the pandemic must be a fight to recover the health of our country and build anew. Under our current leadership nothing will change.”

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This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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