A group of community and health advocates and organizations have banded together for a campaign pushing D.C. lawmakers to help stop the sale of flavored tobacco products to teenagers in the city.

The Flavor Hook Kids DC campaign also aims to stop the sale of flavored tobacco to minority communities, especially amid the coronavirus pandemic and the increased risk of severe illness for smokers who contract the virus, WTOP reported.

A recent national survey found that while one in five high school students regularly use e-cigarettes, 80% of them use flavored products and 97% of youth e-cigarette users have used flavored tobacco products in the past month.

Carla Williams, associate professor of Medicine and Public Health at Howard University, said that because of the way e-cigarettes are packaged and marketed, easily enticed users will start smoking the e-cigarettes in their teens.

“They hook kids into trying products and because nicotine is an addictive substance, they pretty quickly get dependent on nicotine and have the risk of becoming lifelong users,” Williams said, WTOP reported.

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