Hubert Minnis
**FILE** Bahamas Prime Minister Hubert Alexander Minnis addresses the 73rd session of the General Assembly at the United Nations in New York on Sept. 28, 2018. (Angela Weiss/AFP/Getty Images)

Candidates running in the upcoming general election in The Bahamas on Sept. 16 were officially nominated in their respective constituencies Friday.

Current Prime Minister Dr. Hubert A. Minnis’ campaign for another five-year term as the political leader of The Bahamas appears to be in serious jeopardy as a result of a mushrooming scandal involving his Minister of Health Renward Wells. Wells has been connected with the payment of honorariums to a select group of healthcare workers for their exceptional service during the current COVID-19 pandemic which is currently wreaking havoc in the country.

Some 150 health care workers were each paid honorariums of $5,000 but Wells’ chauffeur and personal assistant were also each awarded $1,158.40 honorariums. However, after this budding scandal became a public controversy, Wells asked his driver and personal assistant to return the money they received back to the Public Treasury.

Meanwhile, Wells is facing strong opposition in his Bamboo Town constituency in New Providence from Patricia Deveaux, one of seven women candidates running PLP standard-bearers, all of whom are expected to win, thus drastically changing the gender imbalance in the male-dominated House of Assembly.

Deveaux is a devoted public servant, entrepreneur and community activist, who has served as a Senior Executive Secretary in the Ministry of National Security for 30 years, maintaining the administration of the Drug Enforcement Unit’s General Investigation Unit, Tracing & Forfeiture & Money Laundering Division.

Opposition Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip “Brave” Davis, incumbent MP for Cat Island, Rum Cay & San Salvador, is a shoo-in to be re-elected and if the PLP wins the majority of the seats in the 38-member House of Assembly, he will be the new Prime Minister.

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