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Releaf, a locally based app that allows users to detail the strain of cannabis they’re trying in real time and share with each other, has partnered with a D.C. dispensary to expand their product to a wider audience.

Takoma Wellness Center in D.C. will collaborate with Releaf allowing patients to put their information into the app, which they claim creates an important feedback loop for the industry.

“Patients at Takoma record their sessions in the app and they have a nice log of what’s working for them,” said Franco Brockelman, a Releaf partner. “We take those and roll them up for Takoma by symptom. So, if you have arthritis, here is what is working for that and here’s what isn’t.

“And when we say it is local, it is about what that dispensary has,” Brockelman said. “This specific Blue Dream, grown on this plot of land, with these nutrients, that has expressed itself in this way.”

Brockelman and his partners Branden Hall and Keenan Keeling, along with the creative development and design team at Automata Studios created the app in response to challenges Brockelman’s mother faced.

She struggled with finding an alternative to the prescription medications for pain management and other chronic ailments.

The group claims that medical cannabis helped Brockelman’s mother, but there wasn’t enough available information on how cannabis actually worked.

They asserted that most patients rely heavily on strain names to get their desired effects.

“The strain names, unfortunately, don’t mean a lot,” Brockelman said. “The idea of Blue Dream being the same everywhere is a wonderful idea, but unfortunately it just isn’t the case.”

Brockelman and company hopes that partnering with dispensaries like Takoma Wellness Center will better track users successes or failures with each strain while maintaining their privacy.

“This partnership provides our patients with a unique experience to make informed decisions about their medicine,” said Stephanie Kahn, president of Takoma Wellness Center. “Since cannabis use is such an individual experience, often utilizing a trial by error process that can be overwhelming, the Releaf app allows Takoma Wellness Center an excellent opportunity to emphasize the importance of patient education and an excellent and individualized tool with which to provide it.”

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