Wendall K. Jones
**FILE** Wendall K. Jones (Courtesy photo)

Daniel Erikson, deputy assistant secretary of defense (DASD) for Western Hemisphere Affairs, welcomed Caribbean ambassadors to the Pentagon on May 20 for a discussion on regional security issues.

In a tweet that accompanied a collection of photographs sent to the ambassadors, including Wendall Jones, Bahamas ambassador to the U.S., Amon Killeen, Caribbean director for the Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense, Western Hemisphere Affairs, thanked the ambassadors. 

Jones used the occasion to mention the concern The Bahamas government has about gun trafficking to The Bahamas and its impact on the economy of The Bahamas. He stressed that it is not only an economic development issue but a human development challenge for The Bahamas and the rest of the Caribbean.

He said that all of the guns involved in crimes in The Bahamas or seized by the authorities are manufactured in the United States, declaring that not one is made in The Bahamas.

“The sad thing is that from time to time there are travel advisories issued by the U.S. because of the incidence of crime, but more must be done by U.S. authorities to stem the exportation of guns in places like The Bahamas by Americans who are involved in the trafficking of guns,” he said.

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