Even though the situation in Haiti is complex and there are a number of views on the way forward, it cannot continue without the intervention of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), Dominica Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit said at the news briefing following the conclusion of the 31st Inter-Sessional CARICOM Summit in Barbados Feb. 18-19.

Skerrit said heads of government agreed to mount a mission led by Ambassador Irwin LaRocque, the CARICOM secretary-general. The mission will also include representatives from the Bahamas, Barbados and Jamaica.

“We recognize that Haiti is part of the Community and we have a responsibility and a duty and obligation to assist a Member State in unraveling its challenges and to work with [it] towards lasting solutions,” Skerrit said.

Barbadian Prime Minister Mia Mottley, who chairs CARICOM, anticipates that the mission would have been completed when regional leaders meet for the CARICOM-Mexico Summit in March.

She expressed satisfaction about engagements with Haitian Foreign Minister Bocchit Edmond, and noted her earlier conversation with Haitian President Jovenel Moise.

“The first step is for us to have the legitimacy and the integrity of facts that we can rely upon, and that therein after we then work with the relevant players to see how best we can work with Haiti to ensure that they don’t face instability within their boundaries,” Mottley said.

The CARICOM chairman also noted that finding a lasting solution to the crisis in Haiti was critical to minimizing the fatalities which occur when citizens risk their lives by attempting to cross treacherous seas to get to places like Turks and Caicos and The Bahamas.

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  1. Yes Haiti is in a direction situation where kidnapping and stealing become like normal and necessary. The hunger is overwhelming and consistent but the questions remain why? 1) it looks like nobody cares about anyone including the government’. They have no control over anything that is being done in the country. They don’t documentation on anything because everyone goes to work daily but indead did nothing
    2) the incompetence level is beyond rechargeable because none own a degree to fulfill the job they ‘re hire to do.
    3).when ou visit an office you see no computer, not even a notebook on the desk but the legs of the employees on it. What did you expect to be done ?.nothing.
    4) the employee is so lost that they don’t 3ven feel the need to think of doing nothing at all because who should he report to? Noone.
    What is the problem in.Haiti? What all this? Haiti problems are basically one thing among other things the Men and their mentality. Haitiens are a bunch of people who do not see country first. The have no sense of dwvelopement and enjoy relying on others. The level of greediness is beyond repair since they refused to think or work they entendu to steal other people’s goods. They have no empathy nor compassion for the others even if they see others in the surrounding area dying they will do nothing. That’s the worst of it all. Haitiens reach a degree of numbness where they are paralyzed and can’t even.notice if their streets need to be clean, in a word nothing is needed in their head. They lose control over everything like the sense of humanity left them longtime ago. Why someone always have to come to save you from yourselves. Shame on you haitien men.

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