Cedric Richmond
**FILE** Rep. Cedric Richmond (Freddie Allen/AMG/NNPA)

The Congressional Black Caucus on Friday released a list of 10 must-do policies that would help address issues that negatively affect both communities of color and residents of rural areas.

The CBC, led by Chairman Cedric Richmond (D-Louisiana), said that if Democrats take back the House in the fall election, it would insist that the lawmakers pass its policies within the first 100 days.

Among the policies are those that would restore the Voting Rights Act, reform the criminal justice system, reinforce the Affordable Care Act, expand economic opportunity and empower workers.

“Here’s the reality: if we want to truly help people of color, women, those in rural communities, workers, the poor, and others, then we have to put people in charge who share those values,” Richmond said in a statement. “Republicans have shown again and again this Congress with their budget proposal, tax proposal, health care proposal and other policies, that they want to reward the richest of the rich and penalize everybody else.”

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