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Congressional Black Caucus Foundation staffers, along with interns and fellows, volunteered all day Tuesday at the Ronald Walters Election Day Command Center at Howard University, where they helped monitor, track and communicate with on-the-ground field operations in select states to ensure real-time reporting and trending.

Center staff also shared voters’ experiences at the polls, analyzed voter turnout reports, reported on election results for select candidates and analyzed election results to share with the nation via social media and traditional media outlets.

“We will continue to work to fulfill our vision for all communities to have an equal voice in public policy through leadership cultivation, economic empowerment, and civic engagement,” CBCF staffers said in a statement, in which they noted that according to the D.C.-based Pew Research Center, nearly 59 percent of eligible adult voters in the midterm elections are generation Xers, millennials and post-millennials.

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