The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has again updated its recommendations for Thanksgiving celebrations amid a recent spike in coronavirus cases.

The safest way to celebrate the holiday is with the people in one’s household, the agency said in an update on its website Tuesday.

Those who have tested positive for the coronavirus or have been exposed to someone who has should refrain from attending in-person gathering, as should those showing symptoms or awaiting test results.

Those who are at risk for severe illness — or live or work with someone who is — also shouldn’t attend in-person events, the CDC said.

Those hosting an event should check COVID-19 infection rates of both their in their area and where guests may live, the CDC said, WTTG (Channel 5) reported.

Hosts should also encourage wearing masks and practicing social distancing. The CDC said indoor events should have the best ventilation possible by opening doors and windows.

One should bring their own food for themselves and household members to events, while potluck dinners should be avoided, the CDC said.

If a host is preparing or serving food for guests that don’t live in their household, a mask should be worn. Hosts should encourage frequent hand-washing and the use of hand sanitizer before and after the preparation, serving and consumption of food.

Those traveling should practice social distancing, mask-wearing and frequent hand-washing, the CDC said. For overnight stays, both the host and guest should watch for COVID-19 symptoms.

If someone is exposed to the coronavirus at a holiday gathering, the CDC recommends the infected person self-quarantine for 14 days. Anyone in contact with the infected person should get tested and self-quarantine for 14 days, WTTG reported.

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