Before even listening to “Believe For It” (PureSprings Gospel), I thanked 12-time Grammy Award winner CeCe Winans for delivering what I knew would be another emotionally charged project.

“Believe For It” is an electrifying project that will have you feeling chills and crying (with tears of joy) upon hearing the messages in each song.

The world needs to be saturated with inspiring messages like these to lead people out of the maze of assaults by those in our society influenced by evil. “Believe For It” offers 12 song selections that walk us through the maze of what is happening in the world today: mental and emotional manipulation, social injustice, hate crimes and corporate greed.

“Believe For It” is executive produced by CeCe, Chaz Corzine and Greg Ham. It is produced by Kylee Lee with Dwan Hill (piano, bandleader) as co-producer. It was recorded live at TBN in Nashville.

One of the things I noticed about this electrifying project is that it tells a story – the story of Christ.

Of the 12 selections, six have become my favorites. But I must mention all of them to tell you her “Believe For It” story.

The #1 song, “Fire,” (co-written by CeCe), is one of my favorites because of the message. It describes how you feel when you acknowledge just who Christ is. My grandmother used to say you get “on fire for His Word;” my mom used to say you get the “hunger for to hear His Word.”

The #2 track, “Never Lost,” talks about how you should let God fight your battles because He never loses. That is one of my philosophies in life – let God fight your battles because you will find you walk through the troubles of life with little to no fear of what will happen to you. That is because you know God has your back. If you step back and let Him led, He will surely win the battle.

The #3 song, the title track “Believe For It” (co-written by CeCe), is one of my favorite cuts on the project because her vocals, with the message, are magnified into a very powerful instrument that put tears in my eyes every time I hear it. It describes what “we” need to do to receive the desires of our hearts.

The #4 track, “King of Glory,” describes what you should ask Christ for.

The #5 song, “Worthy of It All,” is one of my favorite selections on the project because it’s another electrifying song that sounds like an anthem of praise while #6, “Hunger,” describes what will happen to you when Christ gives you the desires of our heart.

The #7 track, “Shepherd” (written by Dwan Hill), is another favorite of mine because it gave me the chills and describes who Christ is and why He is who He is. The #8 song, “Alabaster Box,” describes how precious we all are to Christ and #9, “Jesus, You’re Beautiful” describes our love for Christ after learning who Jesus is really.

The #10 track, “I Have a Savior, explains why Christ was born. The #11 song, “Goodness of God,” is another favorite of mine because of the powerful delivery by CeCe. It describes why Christ was born to die as an innocent. The last song #12, “No Greater” (written by Alvin Love), is another of my favorites because it too is a powerful anthem that ends the project, telling us that the love God has for us is very “powerful” – no greater power.

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