It was 10 years ago this month that the Griffin Firm PLLC was registered in Washington DC. There was no clarity on direction or focus, but there was clarity in the creation. However, while I truly didn’t commit until October 1, 2014, I celebrate this month as a foundational milestone. As last month we celebrated Juneteenth as well as Black Wall Street, I realize the importance of celebrating the accomplishments as well as the struggles and setbacks. As Dr. Willie Jolley always says, “A setback is a setup for a comeback!” We are able to measure growth from where we started and should celebrate each milestone as we press toward the mark!
I celebrate the fact that as a Firm we have touched thousands of families and served more than 1,000. As I reflected on the years I realized that the common denominator is love. Most of the people with whom we have worked came to us because they loved or were loved by someone.
I made the decision when identifying practice areas to select services that would build up and bring together families. We are clear that strong families create strong communities. We know that economics is secured with strong values, education and commitment. With estate and business planning as strategic planning tools, we work with individuals and families to write the vision and make it plain so that those who read it can run with it.
We have been honored that people have chosen to work with us to build and secure their family’s legacy. Estate Planning and Business Planning require that an individual share their most intimate thoughts, desires and fears to bring about their greatest goals and dreams. We do not take lightly the responsibility that comes with the vulnerability. We have walked together with people who are discovering painful truths while grieving and we are committed to support each person as he or she walks the path.
The Griffin Firm has embraced our FERST core values — Faith, Excellence, Relationships, Service and Trustworthiness. While we are consistently working to demonstrate these standards we keep our focus on providing the people who entrust us with their legacy the greatest service we can provide. We bring compassion with candor as we must always provide the truth through the process.
Unfortunately, we have worked with families through painful struggles as well. There are too many times when plans are not made and the impact of not planning creates financial and emotional struggles. We are thankful that we bring into each situation not just our education and collective experience but also we bring faith and peace. It is our commitment to pray for those who are in distress.
As we celebrate 10 years of service, we press toward the mark of excellence. We are committed to bringing our best to each individual and family that we serve. We are committed to bringing and leaving peace with each individual and family we serve. We are committed to being a blessing to each individual and family we meet, even if we aren’t afforded the opportunity to serve them. I pray that each person has been enhanced because he or she was touched by The Griffin Firm.
I look forward to the next 10 years to see what God has in store.

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