Chance the Rapper (Courtesy of
Chance the Rapper (Courtesy of

A critically acclaimed rapper is pairing with a historic civil rights organization to mobilize young voters to get to the polls in November.

The NAACP’s Youth and College Division and Chance the Rapper will register thousands of concertgoers to vote this fall as part of the organization’s “Stay Woke and Vote” campaign.

“Chance the Rapper is an artist whose music praises and lifts up our common humanity, and whose call for action speaks to the yearning of this moment,” said NAACP President and CEO Cornell William Brooks. “This year, more than it has in a generation, we must use the power of our voices and our votes and exercise our sacred right to vote.”

A native of Chicago, Chance’s socially conscious art has him at the forefront of the new voices for black millennials.

“Voting and becoming knowledgeable about this year’s upcoming presidential election is imperative,” Chance said. “With a great deal of help from the NAACP, I have been able to provide this awesome opportunity for people to sign up and make the pledge to vote at a few of my upcoming shows.

“This is super important to me because I want my fans to know that their voices matter and that their vote counts now more than ever,” he said.

The NAACP Youth and College Division said in a statement that music provides a unique opportunity to engage people to become active, informed and vocal citizens, particularly now with the Black Lives Matter movement, police brutality, criminal justice, and voting rights issues are all at the forefront of national conversations.

They assert that they want to bring the intersection of arts and activism to inspire civic action for a new generation.

Registration drives are scheduled to begin at Chance’s own Magnificent Coloring Day Festival in Chicago on Saturday, Sept. 24.

The drives will continue to accompany his concerts through Oct. 21 in Fairfax, Virginia; Raleigh, North Carolina; Atlanta; Miami; Tallahassee, Florida; New Orleans; Houston; Dallas and San Francisco.

“Chance the Rapper is a unique artist whose independence is a reflection of our millennial generation, who for the first time match the number of baby Boomers in the electorate” said Stephen Green, director of the NAACP offshoot. “We’re pleased to join with Chance and the millions of young people who this year will become passionate activists and agents of change.”

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