Harry Alford

By Harry C. Alford
NNPA Columnist

Our public school system is a wreck. It didn’t happen by circumstance.  It is by design, a design to control the minds of our children and manipulate them for the personal gain of the powerful few.  This vile attempt to control others started thousands of years ago.  A good education can lead to freedom and success. The time has come for us to get seriously involved in the education of our children. We cannot trust someone else to do it. We must treat it as a choice between freedom and slavery.  Black Americans cannot find economic parity in this country until we have an education system that is functional.

I have no doubt that the biggest targets are Black boys.  Why?  It is an attack upon our family unit.  Destroy the husband, father/mentor and you will deliver a lifetime of failure.  Thus, the Black boy must be destroyed mentally to maintain control of or prevent success of the racial rival.  It is evil, but it is also real.  You need to read, if you haven’t yet, “Countering the Conspiracy to Destroy Black Boys” by Jawanza Kunjufu.  Also, there is a recent DVD by Rasha Entertainment titled, “Elementary Genocide – from primary to penitentiary.” They brilliantly explain what is happening in our public schools.

There is certainty, in my mind, about this conspiracy.  I lived it.  In elementary school, I was breezing through my studies.  I was pretty much a straight-A student.  It was in the fifth grade when it all started.  My report card was full of Cs.  I was disciplined at every turn.  They even declared me crazy and had a psychiatrist come and examine me. My parents thought they had a dummy.  I had to keep every quiz and test so that I could show them that my grade should have been an A, not a C.  My mother met the psychiatrist and he confessed to her, “Mrs. Alford there is nothing wrong with your son.  The fact is he is brilliant and the faculty is jealous for some reason.  His IQ is higher than any of these teachers and administrators.”

She shared this with my father and he went to “war.”  When he got through with the school board, the principal of my school was removed and the teachers were put on watch.  My grades returned to A’s and the trouble was gone.  Not many parents have that resolve and courage.  Thus, most targeted students (usually Black males) are doomed to failure.  I saw many of my classmates become victim of this vicious system.  As we grew into adulthood it was apparent that the mental scars would never go away.   A lifetime of under employment and crime would certainly appear.

When “they” matched the inferior public schools with crack cocaine and the proliferation of guns the conspiracy went on steroids.  As an example, since the 1970s the state of California has built far more prisons than schools.  This pattern is typical of most states.  Today, more than 65 million Americans have had some kind of trouble with the law.  Blacks and Hispanics are seriously over represented.  One of the saddest things you can experience is to go downtown to the court house.  All you see are Blacks sprinkled with a few Hispanics.  As Richard Pryor would say, “I went to the court house for justice and what I saw was “just us.”

The first thing we need to do is find a better education system.  One answer is charter schools.  Charter schools hold teachers and parents accountable for the proper education of a child.  It works.  They must show positive results.  In other words, charter schools are truly accountable.  According to Public School Review,  “Charter schools fit in a niche between private and public schools. They are funded with public money (except for facilities) and they are an alternative to regular public schools systems…Charter schools receive waivers from public school districts in exchange for promising better academic results….If academic performance lags behind comparable public schools, then the charter is pulled and the school is closed.”

There are now more than 5,300 charter schools and 41 states and D.C. have passed charter school legislation.  Philadelphia has 84 charter schools.  New Orleans has had such success with charter schools they have closed all of their public schools. The whole city is under the charter school system.  This is so beautiful.  We have found a solution to our rotten public school system that was destroyed by teacher unions and racist public policy.  I can hardly wait for cities like Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. to emulate New Orleans.

As my mentor, the old UNCF slogan use to remind us, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” My people, let’s stop wasting our children’s minds.
Harry C. Alford is the co-founder, President/CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce®.  Website: www.nationalbcc.org.  Email:  halford@nationalbcc.org.


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