Courtesy of Chombe Foods via Facebook
Courtesy of Chombe Foods via Facebook

The Malawi Bureau of Standards has accredited Chombe Tea in accordance with international standards.

Speaking at a news briefing in Blantyre, Chombe Foods General Manager Forbes Muzamhindo said the weight and moisture content of the tea is at par with international standards. He said accreditation is a springboard to invade international market, the Malawi Voice reported April 20.

“Our products are equally competitive in terms of quality, content and in terms of value. … It is critical to buy a product that has been accredited; you know what is in there, it has been tasted, verified and affirmed,” Muzamhindo said. “You need a product that has a history, and Chombe has a history. It is coming from a natural production of tea which is processed with high quality machines and we know that what we offer to the nation is free of contamination.”

Malawi, which is a highly importing nation, is expected to increase it exports due to the accreditation of Chombe Tea.

Muzamhindo said the company has been receiving enquiries on the product from Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka.

Chombe Foods is a subsidiary of MBL Holdings Limited.

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