(Courtesy of Karrueche Tran)
(Courtesy of Karreuche Tran)
(Courtesy of Karreuche Tran)

(Daily Mail) – Chris Brown’s ex has posted a picture of her bloodied lip. And the conclusion you just jumped to is what has the rapper’s fans up in arms.

On Tuesday, Karrueche Tran uploaded a close-up pic of a nasty cut to her mouth. The 27-year-old offered no explanation or context, besides the ambiguous caption ‘Rough day in Chicago’.

It later emerged that the ‘injury’ was merely make-up applied as part of a video shoot she was doing in Illinois, in which according to TMZ she was playing a ‘street fighter’ type.

But Chris Brown’s fans reacted angrily online, accusing his ex of purposely being obscure in the knowledge that most would jump to the conclusion the convicted woman beater had something to do with it.


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