Former Senate President Christine Kangaloo has been elected the next president of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. She received 48 votes, while opposing candidate Israel Rajah Khan received 22, when the Electoral College convened in Parliament on Friday, Jan. 20.

In a statement hours after the Electoral College gave her the nod as the seventh president of the Republic, Kangaloo said she had heard all the public commentary surrounding how the person holding the office should serve and would do her best to discharge her duties in a manner that will put all concerns to rest.

“I am humbled by my election to the Office of President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,” she said. “I am grateful to everyone who participated in the electoral process, and to Mr. Israel Khan SC in particular, who graciously offered himself to serve. I wish him the very best as he continues serving Trinidad and Tobago.”

President-elect Kangaloo also said she is grateful for the healthy public discourse that took place surrounding her election.  

“The characteristics our citizens feel should be demonstrated by persons who aspire to hold the Office. Having heard all the concerns, I commit myself to discharging the duties of the Office of the President in a manner that will put those concerns to rest,” she said.

While she deferred official media interactions until she is presented with the “formal Instrument of Election,” Kangaloo said that she is also thankful to the media for their work in getting out information about the election and encouraging positive public discourse. 

“Now that the election is over, I look forward to serving our country in the only way I know how—with love for all and with an unwavering belief in the innate goodness of our people.”

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