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You are the Creator of Your Life…Create the World You Want to See. Keep Life Simple! It’s time to make Conscious Self-Healthcare M.O.V.E.S. (Mental Observation View is Essential for Self-Success) with self-healthcare medicine by being your “Own Wellness Doctor.” Step Up Out of the Dark Ages of Disease Care. Health is Consciousness and Healing is a Function of Consciousness. Is it time, is it the season to liberate from medical hexing and pharmaceuticals? Could it be time for you to emancipate yourself from medical mental slavery? 

April is cell-a-brated as Conscious Self-Healthcare and Lymphatic Cellular Wellness Month and April 30, 2023, is the 13th National World-wide Celebration of Emancipate Yourself from Medical Mental Slavery Day (EYFMMSD). With all the new medical studies and information on disease care management and the development of new quantum health tools and software we as individuals can make a better wiser and more sustainable choice for the best care of the human and energetic body. We are empowered to not fall victim to one way as the best way and the only way to maintain and improve our state of health as we correct our Cellular Malfunctions, not diseases.

The 2023 EYFMMSD cellabration radio show will air on Sunday, April 30th at 10 AM PST/1 PM EST on We will not have a panel discussion this year we will honor the life of former Commissioner of 8B06 Brother Humam Abdulmalik, founder of Blackanized Inc., poet and author of “Reflection In Contrast and Chess Made Simple for Everyone. Humam Abdulmalik my business partner, friend, and facilitator /co-founder of the Conscious Chess M.O.V.E.S. program made his transition on June 6, 2022. You can send in a 3-minute (mp3 file) tribute for Humam Abdulmalik to which will be played on the show.

As each individual chooses to Shift Out of Chronic Disease Care Stress, I offer every person an opportunity to receive one FREE NES Health Bioenergetics Voice Scan from the comfort of your home using your phone or computer recording software visit for details. You think the Metaverse view is real just wait until you see the view from the energetic, frequency, and vibration of the activities of your cells, Wow!

Family, Community, and Friends we have seen a lot, heard a lot, and experience a lot in the past 4 years. We have buried friends and loved ones, and our lifestyle, personal viewpoints, understanding, and self-assurance have all been challenged and changed.

We are divine energetic beings having a beautiful human experience on planet earth. Embrace the new paradigm in epigenetics and Bioenergetics; you have the power over your health and well-being. You are in control of your cells and your genes. Your thoughts and your environment can heal you from the inside out.

Stress is a silent major influence on our health, and our healing and most feel they may not be under mental or physical stress and believe that they have a strong stress resistance. We all are handling so much more than we could have ever imagined. Why not have the Max Pulse 3-minutes cardiovascular screening pulse wave analysis and know your level of arterial elasticity (arterial stiffness) and your stress score? You will receive your easy-to-read printout at the time of your visit so that you can make conscious self-healthcare choices for your self-care program. Call 202-248-7749 or email for details.

Yes! As Brother Humam Abdulmalik stated “We are not Our Own Enemy…We Must Heal and Deal with Self-Love” join us on the Friendship Train Ride every Wellness Wednesday at 4 PM EST and visit for new and past radio shows. All Aboard! Time to breathe deeply with Rev. *Dr Karen Khadijah Davis-Foulks your host, Quantum Healthcare and Lymphatic Wellness Specialist.* Karen is not a medical physician.

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