Credit: Columbus PD Bodycam

A fatal police shooting of an unarmed young Black man in his bed has rocked Columbus, Ohio. Body camera footage of Officer Ricky Anderson, shooting 20-year-old Donovan Lewis, within seconds, was released during a news conference this afternoon. (August 30) 

Officers came to the residence to serve a warrant at 2:30 a.m. Footage shows the officers knocking on the apartment door and detaining a man who answered. Another man could be viewed inside and was also reportedly detained.

Footage then shows the police approaching a closed bedroom door as Anderson restrains a barking dog as another officer follows him. Both police officers have their guns drawn and can be seen pointing them at the door. Within one second of opening the door, Anderson fired at Lewis as the young man appeared to sit up and raise his hand from the bed. Police said Anderson shot Lewis while he was wrangling the K9.

(CONTENT NOTICE: The footage shows a police shooting of a young man. It is likely to be disturbing to viewers.) Columbus station WCMH published redacted footage on its website.

During the news conference, Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant said Lewis was holding a “vape pen” that was “found on the bed right next to him.” Police found no weapon.

Body cam footage showed officers putting the injured Lewis in handcuffs while he remained on the bed. Once officers removed him from the apartment, medics tried to treat his gunshot wound at the scene. Lewis was pronounced dead at a local hospital at 3:19 a.m. 

Columbus police say Anderson, who is a 30 year veteran of the force, was placed on leave. 

In the past eight days in Columbus, there have been three shootings by Columbus Police Department officers, with the killing of Lewis being the most recent.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is investigating. 

The Columbus Urban League is planning a public forum Saturday following this latest shooting. The organization has plans to discuss demands for a civilian police review board. 

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  1. That columbus police man that shot the unarmed man in his bed. That isn’t justice for the girlfriend that he allegedly hurt. That is murder. No different then George Floyd. If beat cops afraid to apprehend a suspect then should send in squad that goes in that have the proper gear on and or the fugitive task force. But regardless the kid was vaping and vape pen does not look a gun. The that kid died on the bed and they were acting he could up and walk out. Carried him a bag of concrete. Then only the started doing cpr outside. They should done the apartment. Such bad policing. I’m sorry I support cops but not support bad cops vigilanty cops. I’m sorry. And I am white I have 37 yrs old son and 18 yr old grandson. And bad does not discriminate they will shoot any one black brown white or whatever. I can not believe he opens the door and shoots it was awful. My heart to his family and friends and I am sure his girlfriend he allegedly hurt wanted that to happen. Everyone in this country has right to fight it out in the court system and just seems to me that alot of these young black me or black men don’t their rights as an American. And that is sad. I’m so frustrated. I live in mansfield ohio. And hour from columus. I have family that live in columbus. And yes this is happening in my state. Please the powers that be figure out this problem before it is one your children or a loved one of yours. It can be fixed. When cops fired for bad policing they should not be able to get a job anywhere else in the country to be a police officer. If you remember they tried that in catholic church with pedophile priest and look how that turned out. Just had to vent thank you God bless the man’s family and friends and God bless the police officers family goes they will go through a hard time to because of the police officers actions.

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