For more than 100 years, Wells Fargo has been a part of the fabric of our nation’s capital. Arriving in the city on the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad in 1914, Wells Fargo has grown from an express delivery company to one of largest banks in DC. Our commitment remains strong today through our relationships with more than 200 local nonprofit organizations, as well as nearly $1.7 million in corporate and foundation giving throughout DC, and more than 2,400 team member volunteer hours in 2017. We realize that we are only as strong as communities we serve, which is why Wells Fargo continues to be committed to the DC market and be present in our local neighborhoods.

As our national ad campaign, “Re-Establish 2018”, demonstrates, it is a new day at Wells Fargo. Our transformation is grounded in our vision of satisfying our customers’ financial needs and helping them succeed financially. While we have made solid progress, we recognize there is still work to be done before we fully transform into the Wells Fargo we aspire to be.

Re-established means Wells Fargo is moving forward from a particularly challenging time in its history to apply hard lessons learned to every facet of our business. It’s a renewed commitment to serving customers in new and improved ways, and bringing every decision we make to this criterion: is it good for the customer? Re-established is about not ignoring the past, but holding ourselves to a higher standard and moving forward to become a better company.

John Allen, Wells Fargo region bank president
for Washington, D.C.

We want to positively impact every community in which we do business through our products, our service, and our culture. This can also be seen in our recent announcement of our $60 billion African American Homeownership Commitment. To date, we have delivered $1.8 million in grants to home-buyer financial education and counseling and, we’ve provided $5.74 billion in funding to help more than 24,000 African Americans become homeowners nationwide.

In the DC market, Wells Fargo provided $80,000 grants to both Habitat for Humanity and the Wesley Housing Development Corporation of Northern Virginia through our Priority Markets Grant Program (PMP). PMP is designed to support projects, programs and initiatives that help remove barriers to sustainable housing for low-to-moderate income communities.

Homeownership can be a reality for anyone, regardless of background, and Wells Fargo is dedicated to providing access to capital and the financial knowledge necessary to make this dream a reality.

As we continue to work to rebuild trust and meet the ever-growing needs of our customers, we will continue to provide new and innovative ways to do business. This includes friendly and informative team members in our branches and call centers, to introducing advancements to our mobile banking app like Pay with Wells Fargo, a simplified payments experience – enabling customers to select their most frequently used payment features before signing in to the app.

We are proud of our rich history and heritage, yet mindful of the need to evolve and innovate in order to create the best experiences for our customers, our team members and the communities we serve. We will be relentless in our drive to continuously improve so that we can emerge from a challenging period in our history a better company and brand, signaling it’s a new day at Wells Fargo. Established 1852, Re-established 2018.

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