A provision in Congress’ $900 billion coronavirus relief bill requires carbon monoxide detectors in public housing units across the country.

The legislation was introduced last year after an NBC News investigation found that at least 13 public housing residents had died from carbon monoxide poisoning since 2003.

“No family should worry about dying in their sleep,” Rep. Jesús “Chuy” García (D-Ill.), who authored an earlier version of the CO2 bill, said in a statement, NBC reported. “The government must take responsibility for the safety of working families in housing it provides, and passage of this bill is a major step to provide safe housing for all families.”

The bill provides $300 million in funding over three years and requires detectors in public housing units and private properties where the owners or tenants receive federal rental subsidies, NBC reported.

However, the legislation was placed in jeopardy Tuesday night as President Trump expressed his unwillingness to sign the relief package as constructed, claiming its $600 stimulus checks are insufficient.

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