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Mayor Muriel Bowser delivers the State of the District Address at the University of the District of Columbia in Northwest. (Lateef Mangum)

The D.C. Department of Health Care Finance announced Monday that the city’s Office of Contracting and Procurement has executed a contract to procure the professional services of Huron, a global professional services firm that has worked with more than 350 national, regional and community hospitals, integrated health care systems, academic medical centers and physician practices.

As of May 15, DHCF’s six-month, $995,815 contract will support the planning by the Office of the City Administrator to develop a comprehensive proposal for a new, financially viable, hospital east of the river.

This investment aligns with Mayor Muriel Bowser’s vision to work with the District’s health care providers to establish a new hospital and robust network of care that provides residents living in Wards 7 and 8 with access to high quality health care.

The scope of the consulting work for this project will include:

• An analysis of changes in national health care policy — reimbursement, technology, new approaches to health care delivery — and how these changes are likely to affect future inpatient admission rates, average lengths of stay, use of outpatient care and emergency room visits in the city;

• A market analysis on inpatient and outpatient trends for other health care systems in the city to inform recommendations on the most optimal design option for a new acute care hospital in the primary service areas for Wards 7 and 8 in light of these trends and evolving health care policy;

• An assessment of the range of financing options available to D.C. which offer the highest value with least risk; and

• An assessment of the possibility of viable partnership arrangements for the District, along with an analysis of the various management archetypes for a new hospital which ultimately removes the District from its current role of hospital operator.

The consulting work planned for the project concludes in November 2017 with a comprehensive report to the Office of the City Administrator that addresses the issues identified in the project scope.

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