Courtesy of Tom Mesereau via Facebook

Bill Cosby has hired former Michael Jackson attorney Tom Mesereau to lead his defense team going into the November retrial of the comedian’s sexual assault case.

Mesereau will be joined by Kathleen Bliss of Nevada and Sam Silver of Pennsylvania to defend Cosby, whose initial trial on the charges ended in a hung jury in June.

Cosby spokesman Andrew Wyatt declined to comment, only sending a press release acknowledging the hire, which comes one day ahead of a planned pretrial conference in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

Mesereau also successfully defended “Baretta” star Robert Blake, who was charged with the murder of his wife more than 10 years ago. But the silver-haired attorney is probably best known for his defense of Jackson, who replaced his former attorneys Mark Geragos and Benjamin Brafman with Mesereau before the start of his 2005 child molestation trial in Santa Maria, California.

Mesereau won over the jury by painting the accuser and his family as grifters and almost every witness against Jackson as having a monetary motive. Jackson was acquitted on 13 counts and, even following his death four years later, Mesereau continued to defend the singer’s name.

Editor’s Note: Stacy M. Brown was a prosecution witness in the Michael Jackson trial.

Stacy M. Brown is a senior writer for The Washington Informer and the senior national correspondent for the Black Press of America. Stacy has more than 25 years of journalism experience and has authored...

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