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Keirna Mayo, EBONY

(EBONY) — There is a peculiar artist’s way that orders the steps of the intriguing and impressively hush-hush 61-year-old whom industry folk, gay kids and the massive “BeyHive” affectionately know as Miss Tina. Yes, she is the North Star to her megafamous daughters Beyoncé and Solange—and bonus babies Kelly Rowland and niece Angie Beyince—alike. No, she is not a momager. It appears she’s got zero reality show celeb mom hat tricks, and she has, at least once, lost it on the paparazzi. Somewhat against stereotype, what the onetime divorcée and newly married Celestine “Tina” Knowles Lawson seems to be is simply the archetype of an independent woman.

Her speech, still Texas twangy when it wants to be, is peppered with youthful colloquialisms and the more-than-occasional curse word. After 31 years of marriage and reports of her first husband’s infidelity, she privately divorced former Destiny’s Child manager Mathew Knowles in 2011. (After which, she says son-in-law Jay Z initially wanted her to date younger men.) Now emotionally resurrected, thanks in large part to the unwavering support of her girls, she is whole. Proof? Fabulous images from her wedding to the stately veteran television and film actor Richard Lawson stormed the Internet in the spring. By all measures, she is dangerously in love.



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